Our Equipment

With our Commercial Grade Advance Forms we are capable of pouring concrete walls up to 24' ft. high in one pour.  Our 9' ft. panels and various sub panels allow for us to create desirable ceiling and retaining wall heights for your property. In addition to our full range of excavation equipment, we utilize a 15 ton boom truck which enables the completion of more complex projects and contributes to a higher level of efficiency on every job site. 

Kenney’s Ready-mix service is now dispatching to the island with three 10.5yrd trucks. Our state of the art batching plant accurately measures every pound of material and gallon of water being batched into the truck, producing consistent mix every load. Each cement truck is equipped with a hydraulic slump gauge and digital water gauge. This allows the driver to easily achieve the desired slump and enables exact water to cement ratios to be documented for each load. When pouring dyed concrete this allows consistency in the color from truck to truck. Each truck is equipped with three shoots to gain additional reach right from the truck. We are experienced on both sides of the shoot and understand the communication that has to take place for a successful concrete pour.

Our Services

- Ready Mix Delivery

- Poured Foundations

- Precast Concrete Products

- Excavation

- Retaining Walls

- Concrete Slabs

- Crane Services

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